Grow Castle hack

Grow Castle hack and cheats 2019 – The Easiest Way To Get Free Gems and Gold

Grow Castle Hack

A fantastic addition to the tower defense genre for the mobile game market, Grow Castle is a heap of fun to play and very addicting once you get into it. Every time you fend off the hoards of enemy waves, you are rewarded with gems and gold.

grow castle hack

These currencies allow you to buy improvements for the defenses of your castle. If you want to speed things up a bit, consider using our Grow Castle Hack that gives you as many currencies as you want. Improving the defense of your castle is vital for game progression. Otherwise, you may be overwhelmed with the difficulty of the later levels. Upgrades can range from increasing the life points of specs, unlocking spaces to position more heroes, to improving heroes themselves.

There are plenty of hero classes to choose from- archers, warriors, and mages who hurl different elemental attacks and status effects at your enemies. Each one of you heroes has special abilities that can be activated by pressing on them. Warriors can send a battalion of soldiers to temporarily halt enemy advancement. Mages cause a large amount of damage over a designated area of effect. The gameplay is overall straightforward and easy to learn. It includes hundreds of levels that ramp up the difficulty as you progress through each one, offering a ton of playtime that never gets old.

Tips On Skills

Skills offer useful passive benefits that are permanent. Don’t waste points on useless skills like Bonus Gold or Bonus XP because they get more and more useless as the game progresses.

We recommend that you max the damage skill first then critical chance. This way, your heroes will already have a high damage output even in the beginning levels. Summoned unit damage is always good for cannon fodder while increasing the attack speed of the archers will make them fire an endless barrage of arrows in mere seconds.

If you like spamming your hero’s abilities, try improving the Mp recovery and cooldown skills. These skills are pretty low priority, though. Only improve them when you’re already decked out on the other skills or if you have a Grow Castle Hack Online on your mobile.

Heroes And Their Abilities

Your units with blue bars on top of them are your heroes. Each one has a special activity that can turn the tide of battle to your favor. At the beginning of the game, you start off with three heroes- Ogre, Lightning Mage, and Knight. Your castle can be improved to accommodate a maximum of twelve heroes per wave, and you can easily get the gems and gold required through our Grow Castle Hack Apk.

There is a variety of heroes to add to your roster, all suited for different play styles. We do recommend a couple of good summon units, though, like the Knight and Tiny Giant. These units really slow down your enemies progress to give you enough time to dismantle them with your ranged units. You can further improve these summon units by getting a Skull Ring that raises their damage by 50%.

Be sure to upgrade your heroes to increase their damage and improve their abilities. There are a few heroes who get upgraded to an entirely different class once you level them up enough. This gives a boost to all of their capabilities and unlocks passive bonuses that benefit your whole defense. Improve your castle first before you start upgrading your heroes because improving each one would take a lot of money. Otherwise, you can simply use the Grow Castle Hacks that we’ve developed to give your account unlimited gold or gems.

Get The Grow Castle Hack To Make The Gameplay More Manageable

Your castle is the most important aspect of your defense. Protect it at all costs because you will lose the game if it falls.

If you improve the defenses of your castle with a Grow Castle Hack Tool, you can raise its hitpoints and help it withstand enemy attacks effectively. You can also increase the mana capacity, which increases the amount of hero abilities you can activate at a given time. Hero spots, on the other hand, allows you to increase the size of your hero roster, up to a maximum of 16 slots. After reaching level 110 for your castle, you can start placing weapons. You can add canons, poisons, ballistas, shields, and miniguns on your castle to help fight the enemy.

Grow Castle Review

The developers of this game are still actively rolling out new updates for more content and improvements. There are currently no bugs or issues with Grow Castle, so you don’t have to worry about getting a game that’s broken. The gameplay is a ton of fun and its a great way to spend your time if you ever find yourself with nothing to do. If the endless grinding is starting to get to you, simply use some Grow Castle Cheats to speed things up a bit and keep the gameplay fun and fresh.

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Grow Castle Hack

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