Hungry Dragon Hack

Hungry Dragon Hack and cheats 2019 – Get Unlimited Amounts Of Gems And Coins For FREE

hungry dragon hack

A Ubisoft game where you control a predator that consumes everything that moves, Hungry Dragon has everything you can ask for in a mobile game. This is another title developed by the one who made Hungry Shark Evolution, so you know that you’re in for a treat. Hungry Dragon tasks the player to unlock the best dragons and eat your way to the top of the leaderboards. This is entirely possible for anyone if they take advantage of our efficient Hungry Dragon Hack that gives you a distinct advantage against other players. The core gameplay is pretty simple. You’re just an insatiably hungry dragon looking for a bite to eat. There are a couple of great features that keep the game fresh, even after playing it for a long time.

To summarize, the gameplay is fun and addicting, the graphics are fantastic, and there’s just something about the satisfying crunch of chomping down humans that keeps every player hooked. The bigger the dragon, the more things it can eat, but be wary of the enemies that lurk in every corner, because you may just end up as a meal yourself.

Gameplay Mechanics

For the uninitiated, every run is endless if you manage to survive indefinitely. The controls are very easy to learn but might take some time to master. You swipe the screen in the direction you want your dragon to go, and you press and hold your screen using two fingers to boost its power and speed. The main objective of the game is to make sure your dragon stays alive by feeding him. He can eat a variety of creatures to meet his insatiable hunger, such as bugs, sheep, birds, cows, and even humans. Your dragon’s life will start to lower if you don’t feed him fast enough. Whenever you eat creatures quickly, you gain a combo bonus. A good way to keep alive if you’re having a tough time is to try out our effective Hungry Dragon Hack Apk that immediately unlocks the stronger dragons.

You gain medals whenever you string together a bunch of combos. The more creatures you eat in a short amount of time, the more your point multiplier increases. Getting points will raise your dragon’s level and will let you unlock more dragons that have better stats.

hungry dragon hack

The collaborative quests and tournaments are a complete waste of time in earning gems and coins. You would have to spend hours doing them just to get the amount you want. Luckily, we have found a way to bypass this with our up-to-date Hungry Dragon Hack Tool that gives you as many free gems and coins for buying the dragons that you want.

Pets Are Important

Costumes and pets act as “gear” you can equip on your dragon to help you accomplish quests easier and faster. They provide passive power-ups that can raise your life, increase your currency rewards, buffer poison damage, and a variety of other buffs to make the game more manageable.

As you level up your dragon, more costumes will become available to you. Costumes can either cost you gold or gems. Pets are a great way to increase your dragon’s power. Each dragon can have a set amount of pets. In general, the larger the dragon, the more pets it can have. Pets hatch from eggs, and there are various types, some rarer than others.

Every pet has a buff that will passively help you in your runs, and the buff’s usefulness depends on the rarity of the pet. Orange eggs will usually contain pets of common rarity. We recommend saving up your gems until you have enough to buy better eggs (like purple ones which will cost you 25 gems.) Gems are pretty scarce in the game and require quite a bit of grinding to get to the amount you want. This is why we had our team of programmers develop the Hungry Dragon Hacks to give players the gems they need to buy rarer eggs.

How Can The Hungry Dragon Hack Improve My Game?

Grinding for currencies will take you a long time. A good tip to earn more coins to buy the pets and outfits that you want is to find any creature that has a golden color and eat it. This will net you additional coins. You can find a variety of creatures that can have a golden hue such as bugs, birds, or even people. They are very hard to miss because of their shiny appearance. Accumulating coins will still be a slow process even if you manage to find a lot of golden creatures, which is why we recommend players to use a Hungry Dragon Hack Online for their game. This will get you all the dragons and gear you want without having to spend a lot of time or money for them.

Game Review

Hungry Dragon will get anyone hooked in a matter of seconds. It doesn’t offer much in innovation, where it’s practically just a fancy reskin of Hungry Shark Evolution. It doesn’t change the fact how fun it is though, and the extra features added really makes this game hold its own even in the competitive mobile gaming market.

Overall, it’s a solid game that you can waste hours on. You can enjoy it even more by skipping the grind if you take advantage of our top-notch Hungry Dragon Cheats that will get you the good stuff for free.

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Grow Castle hack

Grow Castle hack and cheats 2019 – The Easiest Way To Get Free Gems and Gold

Grow Castle Hack

A fantastic addition to the tower defense genre for the mobile game market, Grow Castle is a heap of fun to play and very addicting once you get into it. Every time you fend off the hoards of enemy waves, you are rewarded with gems and gold.

grow castle hack

These currencies allow you to buy improvements for the defenses of your castle. If you want to speed things up a bit, consider using our Grow Castle Hack that gives you as many currencies as you want. Improving the defense of your castle is vital for game progression. Otherwise, you may be overwhelmed with the difficulty of the later levels. Upgrades can range from increasing the life points of specs, unlocking spaces to position more heroes, to improving heroes themselves.

There are plenty of hero classes to choose from- archers, warriors, and mages who hurl different elemental attacks and status effects at your enemies. Each one of you heroes has special abilities that can be activated by pressing on them. Warriors can send a battalion of soldiers to temporarily halt enemy advancement. Mages cause a large amount of damage over a designated area of effect. The gameplay is overall straightforward and easy to learn. It includes hundreds of levels that ramp up the difficulty as you progress through each one, offering a ton of playtime that never gets old.

Tips On Skills

Skills offer useful passive benefits that are permanent. Don’t waste points on useless skills like Bonus Gold or Bonus XP because they get more and more useless as the game progresses.

We recommend that you max the damage skill first then critical chance. This way, your heroes will already have a high damage output even in the beginning levels. Summoned unit damage is always good for cannon fodder while increasing the attack speed of the archers will make them fire an endless barrage of arrows in mere seconds.

If you like spamming your hero’s abilities, try improving the Mp recovery and cooldown skills. These skills are pretty low priority, though. Only improve them when you’re already decked out on the other skills or if you have a Grow Castle Hack Online on your mobile.

Heroes And Their Abilities

Your units with blue bars on top of them are your heroes. Each one has a special activity that can turn the tide of battle to your favor. At the beginning of the game, you start off with three heroes- Ogre, Lightning Mage, and Knight. Your castle can be improved to accommodate a maximum of twelve heroes per wave, and you can easily get the gems and gold required through our Grow Castle Hack Apk.

There is a variety of heroes to add to your roster, all suited for different play styles. We do recommend a couple of good summon units, though, like the Knight and Tiny Giant. These units really slow down your enemies progress to give you enough time to dismantle them with your ranged units. You can further improve these summon units by getting a Skull Ring that raises their damage by 50%.

Be sure to upgrade your heroes to increase their damage and improve their abilities. There are a few heroes who get upgraded to an entirely different class once you level them up enough. This gives a boost to all of their capabilities and unlocks passive bonuses that benefit your whole defense. Improve your castle first before you start upgrading your heroes because improving each one would take a lot of money. Otherwise, you can simply use the Grow Castle Hacks that we’ve developed to give your account unlimited gold or gems.

Get The Grow Castle Hack To Make The Gameplay More Manageable

Your castle is the most important aspect of your defense. Protect it at all costs because you will lose the game if it falls.

If you improve the defenses of your castle with a Grow Castle Hack Tool, you can raise its hitpoints and help it withstand enemy attacks effectively. You can also increase the mana capacity, which increases the amount of hero abilities you can activate at a given time. Hero spots, on the other hand, allows you to increase the size of your hero roster, up to a maximum of 16 slots. After reaching level 110 for your castle, you can start placing weapons. You can add canons, poisons, ballistas, shields, and miniguns on your castle to help fight the enemy.

Grow Castle Review

The developers of this game are still actively rolling out new updates for more content and improvements. There are currently no bugs or issues with Grow Castle, so you don’t have to worry about getting a game that’s broken. The gameplay is a ton of fun and its a great way to spend your time if you ever find yourself with nothing to do. If the endless grinding is starting to get to you, simply use some Grow Castle Cheats to speed things up a bit and keep the gameplay fun and fresh.

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Grow Castle Hack

Cowboy Hacks

Cowboy Hacks and Cheats 2019 – Disable Annoying Pop-up Ads And Get Diamonds For Free

Cowboy is a fantastic animal catching game developed by Lion Studios for mobile platforms.

Have you ever wanted to be like the cowboys you see in the movies, being adept with the lasso and catching animals with ease? If so, then this might just be the perfect game for you. Cowboy gives players a glimpse into the world of the wild west, with plenty of satisfying challenges and unique features that will leave you hooked. The constant annoyance of the game’s pop-up ads can get on anyone’s nerves, though. So we recommend using Cowboy hacks that disable them.

Basics For Beginners

You get thrust into the action as soon as you start a new game, leaving players confused and unsure of how to proceed, especially if they didn’t follow the tutorials. With our review of the game, you will get to learn the basics of Cowboy’s gameplay mechanics. For more advanced players looking for extra tips and tricks, you can skip this portion and read ahead.

A big plus for players is that you don’t need to be connected to the internet to play the game. There are, however, some features that are locked to you if you’re offline. We hope that more mobile games were like this. You rarely see a good offline mobile game in the market, and this is one of the rare few.

Use Cowboy Cheats To Improve The Gameplay

The cash currency of the game will significantly affect the difficulty of the gameplay. Here are some of the things you can improve with cash:

  • Lasso Size: the bigger your lasso, the more you catch big prey with ease, and the number of creatures you can catch increases
  • Length: determines the range of your lasso

Offline earnings: this is a good way to have a passive yet consistent source of income.

These are things you have to put precedence when you’re looking to improve something. With Cowboy cheats, you can get the free diamonds you need to max out your lasso stats and passive earnings.

Game Review

Cowboy is excellent in terms of gameplay, but the continuous onslaught of ads really hinders the fun. With our effective Cowboy! Hack, you can activate the no-ads option, so you are free to play as long as you want without being interrupted by ads. The rewards you earn are small compared to the amount you need to get upgrades, so the gameplay can feel a bit unbalanced at times. Without grinding for cash or exchanging real-world money for them, your game will be left at stagnant pacing. If you use the Cowboy Hack Apk we provide for our readers, it will generate the cash you need an have it in your account in record time. And you don’t even have to spend a dime!

Get Medals By Catching Creatures

For every type of creature, you have to catch a specific number of them to win new medals.

Here are the medals you can win depending on the type of creature:

  • Cowboy World: it houses the common creatures
  • Outlaw world: it contains tiny and rare creatures
  • Mythical: getting these will definitely prove to be quite a challenge (worth it though)

Always remember that our Cowboy Hack is available to you, and it will help with your performance if you ever find yourself in a tough spot.

Tips And Tricks

If you’re patient, you can watch the ads to double the number of rewards for your previous catch. Whenever you get a good catch, an ad pops up recommending you to watch it if you want your rewards doubled. If you don’t want to waste your time watching them, simply use a Cowboy Hack Tool to help you get more rewards. Here are a couple of tips to make the game more fun and manageable:

  • Exercise patience
  • Find the exact location of special animals
  • Capture the colored variants of animals
  • Practice dodging and evading the animals you don’t want to have
  • Upgrade the lasso and make things easier with our Cowboy Hack Online version.

Fully Customizable Worlds

There are plenty of available worlds to choose from. Remember always to give your wanted list a quick look to see if there are any tasks available. You get different rewards every time you accomplish these tasks. These rewards can range from additional cash or temporary removal of ads.

You get better rewards depending on the number of creatures you’ve caught and their rarity. You can also exchange these creatures for a few dollars. The settings won’t give you much in terms of customization, where you only have the option of turning the vibration and sound off or on.

Creative Destruction Hack

Creative Destruction Hack and Cheats 2019 – Get Diamonds for FREE

Creative Destruction Hack

For anyone looking for a good mobile multiplayer game that will get you addicted for many weeks, look no further, because Creative Destruction might just be the perfect game for you. The game faces of 100 players against each other, where the last person surviving is crowned the champion. You start off a match by landing on an expansive map encompassing thirteen beautiful islands. Your goal is to kill any opponent that is unlucky enough to cross you and survive through any means necessary. Thankfully there is plenty of items, gear, and weapons scattered across the map to aid in your survival. You just have to get to them before anyone else does. At the beginning of every match, try to collect as many life-saving items as you can such as shields, bandages, med-kits, and weapons. If you want to cause utter chaos and destruction, try out our all-new Creative Destruction Hack to give you access to all the fun weapons.

There are plenty of fun things to do in the map: create, destroy, attack, defend, etc. You are provided with a ton of fun weapons such as shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, and submachine guns. Take note that this isn’t a shooting game. It’s a survival game with a shooting element.

Try to practice your skills first in training mode before you start off with a match, because chances are; you’ll be faced off with players much more experienced than you. After you’ve gotten a feel for things, start a match by choosing either captain mode or classic mode. For classic mode, you have the option of playing on your own, or as part of a pair or a whole team. We’ve compiled a couple of essential tricks and tips to increase your survival chances for every match without the need to use a Creative Destruction Hack Apk that helps you gain more free diamonds.

Creative Destruction Hack

Game Review

The whole battlefield is sized at over 15M square meters with 13 spots that are enchanted. Remember to exercise caution whenever you find yourself in these spots because they have different time and weather systems that can prove to be a double-edged knife.

Creative Destruction basically copies most of its gameplay elements from Fortnite, but it’s a pretty solid game with decent graphics. The controls may feel clunky at first, but you’ll get used to it after a while.

One of the best aspects of Creative Destruction is also one of it’s biggest “flaws.” The game can be played on mobile, but it can also be played on PC using Steam. This puts mobile players in quite a large disadvantage because you are matched with any player using any system. PC players have an edge because the controls are easier. The outcome of every match usually ends with PC players coming out on top. Another problem we have with the game is that plenty of people have already gotten tons of diamonds using the Creative Destruction Cheats we’ve developed. Do the same as well if you want to keep up with the rest of the player base.

Is The Creative Destruction Hack Safe?

The Creative Destruction Hack Tool developed by our expert programmers is 100% effective and safe for player use. You can use our tool in your game the whole day from any world region. We have tested our Creative Destruction Hacks using all devices to ensure that every player can use it, so it’s pretty much compatible with everything. The features offer total security and concealment for your account, so you’re in no trouble of being banned by the developers.

To conclude, Creative Destruction gives an interesting take on the popular mobile survival genre, gaining immediate popularity in many places across the globe. Make sure to study the tutorial, especially if you’re new to this type of game. Creative Destruction offers a variety of skins, gear, and weapons to spice up the gameplay and keep things interesting and fresh. If you want a shot at the game’s competitive leader board, be sure to use our top-notch Creative Destruction Hack Online version. Have fun!

We update our Creative Destruction Cheats regularly with many useful features, and you don’t even have to update it manually. Our cheat is completely bug-free and won’t crash your game unlike most mobile cheats in the market. Suffice to say; your device will be completely safe from harm. We also feature an incredibly well-designed interface that is easy on the eyes.

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afk arena hack

AFK Arena Hack

AFK Arena Hack 2019 – The Easiest Way To Unlimited Diamonds for FREE

afk arena hack

With the help of our talented programmers, we have finally developed a working AFK Arena hack! Getting unlimited amounts of diamonds has never been made easier. On this page, you can find out how to collect resources as efficiently as possible. Read through the guides we have written to help your game’s progress. We sincerely hope that this page helps you out with whatever you’re looking for.

AFK Arena proves to be a fantastic turn-based mobile RPG that takes everything great about the iconic titles of the same genre and innovates it into something new and exciting. Don’t be fooled by the “AFK” in the game’s title, because it’s far from an AFK game. If you’re getting into this game thinking that it’ll be a similar experience to popular AFK titles like Nonstop Knight or Tap Titans, then you’re in for a surprise. While the game does have some “idle” features, it’s not the core focus. The game provides and auto-battling system, fully automated economies, and speedy initial progression, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t need to do much. You still need to learn about the game’s features and maximize your process to its full potential if you want to play the game properly with or without the AFK Arena Hack Online we coded.

Game Review

It’s good to see an RPG with AFK elements to it. Most games in the genre require far too much player input to the point that it can get tedious after a while. This game manages to bypass that by incorporating passive features into an RPG setting, making it perfect as a mobile game. The game isn’t too demanding of your time or requires a lot of effort. It’s a game to be played whenever your bored with nothing else to do. The whole strategy is encompassed by your hero roster (who you’re bringing into the fray.) You don’t have to trigger any abilities or manually heal someone whenever their health is low. It’s all about the skills and preparedness of who you’re going to bring.

afk arena hack

To conclude, there isn’t much variation to the battle system if you compare it with other games present in the market. AFK basically took everything we love about the classic RPGs and melded them together into one game. Fortunately, they also got rid of the annoying grindy portions of these games and replaced it with automated systems that only require players to wait a while in between their gaming sessions. The game doesn’t offer much in terms of different modes to play with, but the gameplay it does have already has enough replay value.

Use An Instant AFK Arena Hack To Get Diamonds Instantly

The main source of currency for AFK Arena are diamonds, and these are difficult to acquire without using our effective AFK Arena Hacks, that allows you to unlock every gear and hero in the game instantly. Of course, you can earn them yourself with a bit of time and patience. Obtaining diamonds are incredibly important for game progression, so be sure to use them sparingly.

You also have the option of buying them with real-world money at the gift shop, but we don’t think it’s worth spending your hard-earned money one. The developers are kind enough to give away free diamonds whenever they update or patch the game.

How Should I Spend My Diamonds?

It all depends on at what point of the game you are in. Are you at the beginning or the late-phase? We generally recommend players to keep spending their diamonds on purchasing new heroes using the option for 10X Summon in the noble tavern. This option offers players a large 10% discount, so you’re essentially getting a hero for free.

Our logic behind this advice is that you can get your gear and other items much easier from other sources, whereas heroes are generally more difficult to acquire. The more you progress into AFK Arena, the easier it is to find new gear. You also have to option of using our newly-released AFK Arena Hack Apk that we coded a couple of weeks ago, but it still has limitations considering how new it is. More currency can be obtained from a variety of different sources such as peaks of time, campaign quests, guild store, trader, and AFK rewards. The trader is a pretty good option because they occasionally offer 40% discounts for their items.

In-Game Economy

The game’s economy system is pretty complex, allowing you to get one thing form a variety of different sources. For example, heroes can be obtained if you make us of AFK Arena Hack Cheats. You can also feed gacha in exchange for scrolls, diamonds, hero shards, and friendship points. One of the five stores available also has diamonds in their stock. As you can see, there are numerous ways you can get a hold of whatever you want.


The review from this game are very positive, and the developers have consistently put out great titles in their career. It may not be a best seller like other RPGs in the market, but it holds its own pretty well in a competitive market. It features tons of great content even into the late-game stages, and reaching those levels are pretty achievable with little effort. Shelling out your hard-earned cash for upgrades it not necessary during any point of the game what with our AFK Arena Hack Tool readily available to every player.

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